Mechanical Products Series 53 Panel Mount circuit Breaker

Mechanical Products Series 53 Panel Mount Breaker

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Compact and convenient panel-mount DC switch / breaker. Made in the USA and rated to 32VDC maximum system voltage, so suitable for up to 24VDC nominal systems!

The MP Series 53 is designed specifically to bring together two traditionally separated products (breaker / switch) into a single small package device that may be conveniently located for ease of access. The MP Series 53 combines key attributes required of ABYC circuit breakers (UL1077 & SAE J1428) and the Marine Power switching standards (UL1107). This new innovative product provides upstream backup short circuit protection up to 3,000 amperes for the branch house circuits.  This device helps prevent battery draw down while the switch is in the off position while providing savings in space, labor, and wiring costs.

Battery Disconnect CB Panel Mount with 1/4-28 Studs 8-32 mounting screws Stainless Steel.

  • Made in the USA
  • Ignition Protected
  • IP66 & IP67
  • Trip Free Cycling
  • Compliances - UL1077, SAE J1428, UL1107, & SAE J553
  • Voltage – 32 VDC 
  • Current – 10 - 60 Amperes
  • Short Circuit Interrupt –

    14 & 28VDC per SAE J553 & UL 1077* (U3)
    1.5kA @ 28VDC per ABYC & UL 1077* (U3)
    3kA @ 28VDC per UL1077*

  • Sine Vibration: per UL 1107* at 100% rated current
  • Random Vibration: 12g per MIL-STD-202, Method 214
  • Shock: 10g per UL 1107*
  • Corrosion: 96 hrs per MIL-STD-202, Method 101
  • Humidity: 240 hrs per MIL-SID-202, Method 106
  • Temperature Environmental:-30oC/+60oC per UL1107*
  • Temperature Rise: per UL1107*
  • Switch Cycles: per UL1107*, 28VDC & 100% rated current
  • Overload Cycling: 10x rating per UL 1077* at 30VDC