We regularly ship worldwide. Just enter your country at the checkout page, and you'll see the freight costs. You can also contact us for a shipping quote, and if we can beat the automated amount, we'll be happy to do so. If a product will fit into a Postal or DHL box, that will often reduce costs. We try to pass our actual costs on to you with no markup or service fees.

Yes, we can ship DHL. Drop us a note for a quote.

A note about payment: Due to an increase in attempted fraud, we are now requiring verification for all international credit card payments. The fastest and easiest method of payment is via your PayPal account, which protects both you and us. We also accept Bitcoin. If you do need to use a credit card, please call or email and we will work with you on that.

You can also use a shipping consolidator. They have a US address to have your items shipped to, and will combine multiple packages to save on total shipping costs. We do not usually deal with them directly, but include this list for your information:

  • Jet Carrier (jetcarrier.com) - Norway, Sweden, Denmark
  • Island Bargains (islandbargains.com) - most of the Caribbean
  • ACV Logistics (acvlogistics.com) - courier to Baja and other areas of Mexico
  • AMID Logistics (internationalshippingusa.com) - large shipments by sea worldwide
  • Know of others that you can recommend? Let us know!

 And of course - if you have any questions, email us! We sometimes work late, so you may get an answer right away.