Victron Energy VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle

Victron VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle

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The Victron Energy VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle can be used with any Victron Energy device that is VE.Direct-equipped. This includes many battery monitors, solar charge controllers, and small (1200VA and under) Phoenix inverters.

PN: ASS030536011

Use the Victron Energy VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle to access, program, and display your BMV-7xx series information, MPPT solar controller information, or small VE.Direct Phoenix inverter information on iOS and Android devices. It is compatible with all Victron Energy VE.Direct devices; be aware that the programming and display functionality will vary depending on the device to which the dongle is connected.

The dongle should be connected directly to compatible products, and multiple dongles (on multiple devices) can be accessed at the same time through your VictronConnect app.

As with all Victron products (except batteries), this device carries a 5-year warranty.