Victron Energy Digital Multi Control 200/200A - Panel Mount

Victron Digital Multi Control 200/200A - Aluminum Face

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Basic control and monitoring for MultiPluses and Quattros in a convenient panel-mount metal faceplate!

Please note that a Victron Energy RJ45 UTP cable (not included) is required for connection.

The Digital Multi Control is a basic remote for both MultiPluses and Quattros. The primary functions are selecting On / Off / Charge-only from a remote location, and setting the AC Input Current Limit. It also has indicators for:

  • - Inverter on
  • - Inverter overload
  • - Low battery
  • - Temperature alert
  • - Mains power available
  • - Charge stage: Bulk / Absorption / Float


The Victron Energy Digital Multi Control is available in two versions; this 200/200A has a traditional metal faceplate for panel mounting, and the 200/200A GX has a more modern-looking plastic face that matches many of Victron's other displays and is designed for surface-mounting using Victron Energy's . They are otherwise identical.

The panel can be used in tandem with a Cerbo GX Kit for convenient control of the inverter's power state and current limit, without scrolling through the Cerbo's menu.