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Sterling ProSplit R Zero Voltage Drop Battery Isolator

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Sterling ProSplit R Zero Voltage Drop Battery Isolator

Software controlled battery isolator for efficient charging.

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Product Description


    The Sterling ProSplit R battery isolator uses a microprocessor to monitor the multiple battery banks which are to be charged by an alternator. It ensures the batteries are all charged in conjunction with each other and prevents any back feed through the device in the event of high loads on one battery bank. The ProSplit isolator also has the ability to disconnect the alternator and individual battery banks in the case of alternator problems or other power items in the system. It does all this and still offers only a max voltage drop of less than 0.01 volt. The ProSplit R consumes about 0.4 amps when charging, and no load when resting.

    • “Zero Volt Drop” is the key. The ProSplit R battery Isolator is very different from the diode isolators in common use.
    • Zero Volt Drop means no heat due to current induced voltage drop.
    • Microprocessor control means the ProSplit R can monitor the charging needs of the auxiliary batteries separately from the engine battery. Doing so allows the ProSplit R to permit charging of the auxiliary bank at a higher rate without affecting the other batteries in the same system.
    • Distributes power according to need.
    • Individually isolates a battery bank immediately upon detection of reverse feed to prevent discharge.
    • Isolates all except the main battery bank in the event of high load discharge.
    • In the event of alternator and/or regulator failure the ProSplit R will disconnect input to prevent batteries from overcharge.
    • It isolates any batteries where high voltage is present, for example, caused by a separate battery charger.
    • LED display shows status of all channels, whether in use or not, and provides alarm status information.
    • Industrial rating: capable of sustaining massive overload conditions.
    • Fail-safe: In the event of device failure, alternator and engine start batteries remain connected.
    • IP66 waterproof rating.
    • Integrated current limiting feature to prevent overload and short circuit.
    • ’Ignition on’ sense connection.
    • All these features result in a shorter charge time than ever previously available when using a battery isolator.
    These isolators are usually used to replace diode type splitters, which impose a dropoff of about 1/2 volt, depending on load. This drop slows charging, and can result in batteries not acheiving a full charge, which can shorten battery life.

    Available in these models*:

    ProSplit Model Volts # of Alt's # of Banks Amps
    PSR122 12 1 2 120
    PSR182 12 1 2 180
    PSR183 12 1 3 180
    PSR253 12 1 3 250
    PSRT134 12 2 4 130
    PSR152 24 1 2 150
    PSR153 24 1 3 150
    * Additional model are available from Sterling - call or email us if you have specific needs.    

    For more information, see the Sterling ProSplit R Data Sheet or the Owner's Manual.

Additional Information

    Additional Information

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