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Sterling ProReg-BW Advanced Alternator Regulator

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Sterling ProReg-BW Advanced Alternator Regulator

Model AR12W - for alternators to 100 Amp

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Product Description


    Sterling ProReg-BW Universal Advanced Digital Alternator Regulator

    The Sterling ProReg BW Advanced Alternator Regulator is the waterproof version of the popular ProReg B. As with all of the ProReg series, it converts an alternator from a constant voltage battery charger to an efficient 4-step progressive constant current battery charger. Because of this improvement in the alternator control system, these regulators dramatically enhance the alternator's charge rates by between 200-2000%, depending on how effective the original system is. The Sterling Regulator is designed to charge batteries as fast as possible and to their maximum capacity without damage to the batteries or alternators.

    The Sterling ProReg-BW Advanced Regulator is for use on alternators rated up to 100 amps. For alternators rated to 200 amps, 12/24 volt systems, an alternator temperature sensor, and the option of a remote display, see the ProReg-DW Regulator. For alternators to 400 amps, use the ProReg-D Regulator which also supports 12/24 volt systems, remote display, and alternator temperature sensor.

    Please note: If you have an integrated engine management system, it can interpret the Advanced Regulator's increased voltage as an alternator fault. These systems are rare on boats, but can be found on some motorhomes.  Also, installation of the Advanced Regulator often requires soldering a wire to the alternator brush connection. This is not difficult, but requires dismounting the alternator and access to a soldering iron. Use an Alternator to Battery Charger or a Battery-to-Battery Charger for applications where an Advanced Regulator is not appropriate.

    Sterling ProReg BW Features:

    • Software controlled slow start to avoid heavy loads and belt slippage on engine start.
    • Configurable for 4 battery types: flooded lead acid, sealed /gel, gel (Europe), and AGM.
    • Batteries charge 2-20 times faster, depending on original system efficiency. This results in shorter run times when charging.
    • Battery plates receive less sulphate damage, resulting in longer life.
    • Built in safety features will switch the regulator off in case of an incorrect installation or other fault.
    • Compensates for voltage drops resulting from long cable runs, ammeters, diodes and other general wiring-related problems.
    • Original regulator can be left in place as a parallel standby /failover.
    • Fits 99% of alternators.
    • Self-diagnosing.
    • Battery temperature sensor with 1 meter cable.
    • LED display.
    • High alternator or battery voltage trip.
    • Battery is protected if regulator or sense wire fails.
    • For use on alternators rated to 100 Amps.
    • Size: 120mm x 80mm x 45mm (4.72" x 3.15" x 1.77")
    • 2 year warranty.

    For more information, see the Sterling ProReg Data Sheet or the ProReg-BW Owner's Manual.

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    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Sterling Power
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Phone: 619-320-5899