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Sterling Power BBW1212 Battery to Battery Charger

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  • Sterling Power BBW1212 Battery to Battery Charger

Sterling Battery-to-Battery Charger | IP68 Waterproof | 12V In - 12V Out

ProCharge-B Model BBW1212

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Product Description


    The Sterling Power BBW1212 battery-to-battery charger is a unique product that was designed to resolve a problem that is common on boats with separate windlass, bow thruster, and trolling motor batteries, or any separate battery bank that is remote or of a different voltage from the main charging system. RVs can also benefit from these chargers.

    The Sterling ProCharge-B IP68-rated models are completely waterproof (IEC rating 6 for dustproof, 8 for immersion up to 1 meter) and very moderately priced. They are an excellent choice for charging trolling motor batteries while under way, or charging any trailer-mounted battery bank from the towing vehicle's charging system. Electric wheelchairs, too. These waterproof models are rated at 30 amps for 30 minutes, and 20 amps continuous (at 12 volts).

    The Sterling Battery to Battery Charger is a quality multi-stage charger that uses the energy coming into a battery from an alternator as a power source, and uses it to charge another battery bank. This has a number of advantages:

    • Each battery bank receives the correct charge current, depending on it's state of charge.
    • The voltage drop induced by a long cable run to a remote or bow-mounted battery is corrected for (these batteries tend to not be fully charged otherwise).
    • Alternator output is maximized, minimizing engine run time for battery charging.
    • Remote batteries are properly maintained and de-sulphated, extending battery life.
    • It is possible to charge batteries who's voltages differ from the primary system.

    For More details:

    This on-board solution is able to provide a 4 stage charging profile to your batteries without being plugged into shore power. The Sterling ProCharge-B Battery to Battery Charger fools the alternator into working at maximum potential. The surplus power (power left over after charging the primary battery) is converted into a higher voltage and is used to charge your auxiliary battery bank faster (dependant on alternator, typically 5 times faster) than using just a standard alternator!

    As the Sterling ProCharge-B does not connect to the alternator there are no ECU nor warranty issues as there is no voltage rise on the engine management system. This system is designed to use only the surplus power - the power required to run the primary vehicle or vessel systems are not affected. The surplus power is converted into a higher voltage and is used to charge a secondary battery bank using a digitally controlled programmable 4 step charging curve whose unit is also totally isolated; i.e. the starter battery cannot discharge through this system.

    The Battery to Battery Charger monitors the engine start battery. This unit will not start until the battery voltage exceeds about 13 volts, then it waits for 2.5 min. to ensure that some charg is replaced quickly into the engine start battery. After that, it pulls the engine battery down to no less than 13 volts, which enables the engine battery to still receive a small charge and ensures the alternator works at its full potential. To further, ensure the engine battery is o.k. Every 20 min. the unit stops for about 3 min. to ensure the engine battery charge is O.K. The unit takes the 13 volts into the control box and then boosts this up to 14.8 volts (or the appropriate voltage for the chosen battery type), in order to fast charge the other set or sets of batteries. After a period of time, calculated by the software, when the auxiliary batteries are full, the system will float the batteries at 14 volts, but always ensuring the engine battery comes first. Other features included in this system are an alternator and a battery temp sensor. There is also a remote battery sensor and a fully automatic sleep sensor, which switches the unit off when the engine has stopped. A remote panel is available as an optional extra.

    The input battery cables are 3' long, and the output cables are 9' long.

    For more information, see the Sterling Battery to Battery Charger Owner's Manual.

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    Additional Information

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