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Sterling Alternator-to-Battery Charger / 24 Volt - 200 Amp

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Sterling Alternator-to-Battery Charger / 24 Volt - 200 Amp

SKU: ST-AB24200
Model AB24200 - Efficient charging from a standard alternator

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Product Description


    NEW - 200 amp capacity

    The Sterling AB24200 Alternator-to-Battery Charger can transform the output of your alternator(s) into the same sophisticated 4-step charging performance that you would expect from a shore-side charger. By monitoring and then controlling the voltage level of the alternator connected to the input side, the alt-to-bat is able to provide a full multi-stage charge rate that recovers your house battery bank five times faster than using a standard alternator.

    This device will will essentially duplicate the performance of Sterling's Advanced Battery Regulator, the difference being that it does not modify the actual charging system in any way, and so does not affect the vehicle/vessel's electronic control systems (if fitted) or void any warranties. It is also easier to install, fitting between the alternator and the batteries, much as an isolator would.

    A Remote Control Kit is available for monitoring modes, voltages, temperatures, and real-time current.

    A smaller charger for 24 volt alternators up to 100 amps is also available.

    • Four Step Battery Charging Profile extends the life of your batteries by ensuring a full charge & conditioning, as well as entering a float mode when charging is complete to protect against overcharging your batteries.
    • Monitors and ensures starting battery is not overcharged and is at proper charging voltage while providing maximum available charge in a 4 step charging profile to the auxiliary bank of batteries.
    • By lowering the voltage of your alternator, this product can draw near full current capacity from your alternator, and then boost the voltage output in a multi-stage charging profile.
    • Charges GEL, AGM, FLA, Calcium and LiPo4 Batteries.
    • Ability to mix on board battery types.
    • Easy to install, wired in place of a standard alternator to battery isolator. No modification of alternator is required. Installation requires no modification to the primary electrical system, resulting in no vehicle warranty issues.
    • Battery and Alternator temperature sensing standard when the temperature sensors included w/ product are used.
    • Remote Control ABNRC (optional)
    • Part # AB24200
    • 12 Volts
    • Maximum alternator rating: 200 Amps
    • Size: 11" x 14.25" x 3"
    • Weight: 2 pounds
    • 2 year warranty

    See Sail Magazine's independent review of the Sterling Alternator-to-Battery Charger.  

    For more information, see the Sterling Alternator-to-Battery Charger Owner's Manual.

Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Sterling Power
    Data Sheet No
    Product Manual No
Bay Marine Supply
3235 Hancock St # 12 San Diego, VA CA 92110
Phone: 619-320-5899