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Designed for the marine environment, ChargeMaster battery chargers have a number of features that you'll appreciate in your boat, RV, or renewable energy installation.

All of our ChargeMaster models will independently charge up to three battery banks, and the 3-step charging method ensures a longer life for your batteries. Mastervolt battery chargers have power factor correction for fast charging even with irregular input voltage. The direct current outlet is so clean that the battery charger itself can be used as direct power source, even without a battery. And they are designed for easy and neat mounting.

MasterBus compatible

All of the Mastervolt charges we carry have LED displays for monitoring the charge cycle, and can be easily connected to a MasterBus network for remote monitoring with any of a number of optional displays.

Charging Lithium Ion batteries

Although Lithium Ion batteries are increasingly popular, there can be a lack of clarity when it comes to the charging process. This is not a problem with a Mastervolt system as the battery charger communicates directly with the Li-ion battery.


  • - 3 outputs for connecting 3 separate batteries
  • - Autoranging: 120 or 230 V and 50 or 60 Hz
  • - Quick en easy installation wall or floor mounting
  • - Three-step(+) charging system
  • - For use with gel AGM or wet batteries
  • - Power factor correction as standard increasing efficiency
  • - Bright display with accurate read-out of all three banks
  • - Operates with any generator output quality
  • - Battery temperature sensor as standard
  • - Outstanding performance even at extreme temperatures (-25C to +60C)
  • - Light and small model

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