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Magnum Energy

Why buy from us? Why?

All Magnum Energy products are manufactured at their headquarters in Everett, Washington. The company was founded in 2002 by a number of engineers from Heart and Trace, the companies that started the high-end mobile inverter market.

Magnum Energy makes both pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverter-chargers, though the pure sine models are far more popular. The Magnum MS2012 (2000 watt inverter / 100 amp charger) and MS2812 (2800 watt inverter / 125 amp charger) models provide pure sine power sized right for most boats and RVs. New to the linup are the MSH3012M and MSH4024M hybrid inverters, which will supplement incoming shore or generator power with inverter power for peak loads. These are turning out to be very popular.

For renewable energy use, the Magnum MS4024PAE and MS4448PAE are workhorses that not only have high output, but are stackable and provide 110/240 VAC split phase output, excellent for powering well pumps. These are the premier inverter-chargers for off-grid applications.

For most applications, we recommend using one of the Magnum remotes and a BMK battery monitor kit, for excellent monitoring of both battery and inverter-charger status.

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